IAM Accredited Training

As a professional body we pride ourselves on driving training standards and recognising the great work that training and learning professionals provide. 

What Is IAM Accreditation?

When we accredit a course a subject matter expert reviews the learning programmes and learning materials. If this review is successful, it means that we are confident the course reflects best practice and adds value for students. 

IAM Accreditation gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that your course meets high training standards and you are a leading training provider in the fields of business and administration management.

Who Is The IAM Accreditation Scheme For?

Our accreditation programme is for any organisation that offers training within our footprint of expertise. Organisations include learning technology providers, professional bodies, training departments and training providers. 


Benefits Of IAM Accreditation

Organisations that are approved will be:

  • Authorised to use the IAM logo on documentation relating to their endorsed programme, subject to IAM corporate branding guidelines.
  • Featured on the IAM accredited programme list on the IAM member portal.
  • Able to provide attendees with IAM CPD certificates, co-branded where appropriate.
  • Have opportunities for their course to be promoted to IAM networks.

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