Corporate Membership

Administrative staff are key to ensuring businesses run effectively, yet they can also be under-represented in the business. Often organisations are unaware of the training opportunities they can offer their administrative staff despite the increasing number of trainers and courses available specialising under this umbrella. We work with employers to be the hub that supports the career development of their administrative staff.

Becoming a corporate member gives your employees the best opportunity to develop their professional skills which, in turn, will benefit the organisation as a whole, as well as demonstrating your commitment to staff development.


Our Corporate Members have: 

  • Free places at all our short events. 
  • Discounted access to training opportunities for staff across a variety of platforms, including online learning and classroom.
  • In-house CPD events.

Our Corporate Members have: 

  • A plaque to put on display.
  • Use of the IAM logo.
  • Honorary membership for a senior champion.

Our Corporate Members:

  • Have reduced individual membership fees for staff.
  • Help their staff feel valued.
  • Receive assistance for any internal networks.

We pride ourselves on building strong relationships and working in partnership with organisations, so where there’s an opportunity to assist, we evaluate its feasibility. Working in this way has seen us organise training days, awareness days and in signposting members to renowned trainers. 

If you’re interested in signing up your organisation for corporate membership, get in touch with Andrew Jardine on 

For smaller groups of administrative staff who wish to join together and realise some of the benefits of our Corporate Membership, such as reduced fees, free places at events and an IAM plaque we have another option. Email us at for more details.