Personal Branding Webinar

Date & Time: Tuesday 10th April 2018, 19:15
Duration: 1 hour

Are your CV, online presence and face-to-face interview ability effectively promoting ‘Brand You’?

When you apply for a job, you’re pitching for a substantial investment in you by the prospective employer.

Would you like to know whether the key elements that represent your personal brand are successfully justifying this level of investment?

If so, then join our latest online webinar on “How to secure more job offers by applying Personal Branding methodologies to your CV, LinkedIn profile and Interview Technique”.

This webinar on Tuesday 10th April at 19:15 will provide high-quality information to help you excel in the job market. These webinars are aimed at professionals and executives and are much more than a boring top 10 tips session.

This fast-paced and engaging webinar will cover:

- What is Personal Branding and how does it relate to you
- Advanced CV writing; the most effective CV frameworks for career professionals
- How to transform your CV into a business case that takes just 10 mins to tailor for each role
- How to write a killer LinkedIn profile that will really open doors
- The science & psychology of personal branding and securing interviews

There will be a live Q&A with the Presenter at the end of the session plus various IAM special offers

This webinar is absolutely FREE to members and can access the registration form by using the link below



We're also offering non-members the opportunity to get involved for a small fee of £12 (inc. VAT).

If you’re a non-member and would like to get involved, please drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 01952 797396.


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