IAM Membership

We are committed to supporting professionals throughout their careers.

Our individual and corporate membership packages help IAM members stay at the top of their professions by building skills and confidence whilst offering networking opportunities.

IAM members include administrators, personal and virtual assistants, office managers, administrative managers and business leaders. However; administrative management is fully transferable across a multitude of sectors and we welcome applications from any individual working within a role requiring administration or any corporate organisation striving to raise the skills and profile of their teams.

With our ever growing international membership base, it is an excellent time to become part of our community.

Membership Benefits

Our range of membership benefits include:

  • Designatory letters
  • Access to top academic journals
  • Discounts on continuing professional development (CPD) events
  • Discounts on training events
  • Opportunity to host bespoke company events
  • Eligibility to countersign passports at Member and Fellow levels
  • A professional membership card for all
  • Newsletters with updates on sector developments
  • Access to an e.copy of the highly regarded ‘Manager’ magazine
  • Discounts on the paper copy of the Manager magazine
  • UK tax relief

plus many more (Benefits may vary depending on the level of membership you apply for)

"Our members are dedicated to developing their careers as administrative, management and business leadership professionals. They join not only to improve their skills through CPD, but to network with others and showcase their achievements. They discuss on our social networks, read our magazine, newsletters and help shape contemporary issues in the world of administrative management. We have been inspiring professionals for nearly 100 years - but in truth, it's our members that keep inspiring us."

- Raymond Clarke, Chair

“I feel privileged to be part of the new era IAM since accepting the role of General Manager in January 2016.

We are making some key changes to the service and benefits we offer and the response from current and new members has been hugely positive.  

I am keen to ensure we are an accessible institute with something to offer all our membership so I welcome comments and suggestions on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Jane Pangbourne, General Manager

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Whether you are a recent graduate beginning your career or have years of business experience, you can benefit from being part of our membership network. Our membership arrangements are tailored to meet the needs of both individual and corporate members.


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