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Manage your time as a Remote Worker

As a Remote worker, time management is essential to your business success, it’s not just about spending your time but about how well you spend it.

These are some essential points that will help you manage your time more effectively;

Set your hours

Scheduling your day beforehand is so important as it’s easy to just carry on doing a little bit more after your workday is over. By not doing this, you risk eating into time that should be spent with family or leisure time. You should also communicate your hours to your team so they know your availability and try to stick with it. Failing to do so, you risk falling into the ‘always on’ lifestyle which is one of the challenges faced when working remotely.

Plan your day

It’s important to plan and prioritise your activities for the day, just as you would if you working in an office. Having a to-do list of what tasks you need to work on would be helpful, then set out time throughout your day to work on these activities. For urgent tasks where you have deadlines to meet, set devices to do not disturb so you can concentrate fully.

Set up your workspace

When you work in an office, there’s usually a space for a work, this should be the exact same for remote workers. You're less likely to have things overflowing into the living room or bedroom if you have everything you need within easy reach. It also helps when you set a clear boundary between when you’re working and when you’re not. Little habits like closing the doors to your workspace at the end of the day can help you switch off at the end of your workday.

Beware of visitors!

For family and friends, it’s easy for them to think that just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean you’re available. Therefore, it is important for them to understand that you’re still working and have deadlines to meet. Clear communication about you work times is vital in setting boundaries.

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The IAM is working with Businesses across the UK. Cyber security is particularly topical at the moment with the General Data Protection Regulation being enforced and a string of high-profile cyber-attacks over the last few months (including the NHS and UK universities). 

The Institute of Directors (IoD) and Barclays bank conducted a survey with UK businesses and worryingly found that only 56% had a strategy in place to protect their devices and data, despite 94% of companies thinking their IT system security was important. You have to wonder what the other 6% thought, but, as the IOD points out, despite advances in protecting businesses and consumers by the government, ultimately the responsibility for businesses lies in the boardroom. 

The IAM will be working with businesses across the UK in helping employees gain the knowledge they need to implement change in their organisations with the launch of our ISO27001 workshop programme. These workshops have been endorsed by UKAS-accredited certification company IQ Verify and help to prepare a business to meet the criteria of the international security standard ISO27001 and ultimately helping to build resilience. 

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